Tuesday, 23 October 2007

No switchable electric sockets in Spain

Having grown up in homes that had nearly all the mains electrical sockets with switches I had often wondered why the opposite was the case here in Madrid. For those who are not familiar with this design you can see a picture of a switched 13 amp wall socket. I use several appliances that draw mains current even when they're turned off (laptop computer for example) and wanted an easy way to cut off the power. So I strolled over to a nearby electrical shop, only to find that the person in charge didn't really know what I was talking about. I've since tried in two other electrical shops, ones catering to professional electricians and they tell me that such a socket doesn't exist here. Having thought about it, I don't remember the sockets in France having switches on them either.

If people can't turn off appliances at the mains one can only wonder what the implications of this are for electricity consumption in Spain.

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