Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Yes, I Did Pass the Course AA100, The Arts Past and Present

Happy news today as I received a pass result for my work on the course AA100, The Arts Past and Present. I was studying the course from March until early September, and it was a lot of work I found. The final essay was an examinable component (you either pass or fail the whole course), and it had been a lot of work all those months, so I was rather anxious, and now I'm relieved and rather pleased.

Since then, after only just over a month's rest, I've since embarked on studying the course A150 Voices and Texts, which is only half as much work (and only half as many credits). But this one has a real examination at the end of it. A150 is designed to follow on from AA100 and focuses on language in a wide range of contexts and from the perspective of different academic subjects, including classical studies, history, literature, music, religious studies, creative writing and English language studies. At the moment we are studying Homer's Iliad, and working in a group on a collective essay written using a wiki.