Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Attic Pots at National Archaeological Museum

As follow-up to our work on classifying objects in Open University course A151 "Making Sense of Things: An Introduction to Material Culture I made a flying visit to this newly reorganised and rebuilt National Archaeological Museum in Madrid, to see what there is on show in the way of Greek red and black figure pots. I found a couple in the ancient Greece and Rome section on the top floor. More surprisingly there were quite a number in the section on the Ibero (pre-Roman Iberian) culture. I knew that these pots were imported into Etruria but I had no idea that the pre-Roman inhabitants of the Iberian peninsula were also avid collectors.
Photograph of three red-figure pots, a krater and two small kylix.
Greek red-figure pots excavated in Spain
 I thought it wasn't allowed to take photographs, but other people were doing so and the guards weren't saying saying anything, so I took a couple myself.
Afterwards we went on and to have an African lunch at what I think must be my favourite  restaurant, Kim Bu Mbu.