Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fridge well stocked for summer

Now that it looks like the weather is finally going to warm up I'm here in Madrid glad I've got my refrigerator stocked with traditional Spanish chilled soups. The picture shows the three main ones I eat: Salmorejo, Gazapacho and Ajoblanco. Gazapacho is made from tomatoes, green peppers, cucumber, onions, and olive oil, all put into a blender for a whiz and then chilled, and often served with ice, and it's pretty irresistible when I arrive home somewhere at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Salmorejo has a similar list of ingredients, but it also has soggy white bread blended in, which gives that are very thick consistency. The name Ajoblanco is derived from the two words "white" and "garlic," and it's made from almonds ground to a paste with garlic. It's rather more refined, more expensive and difficult to find in the shops, even though it's made by one of the major brands. I like it for dinner. On the other hand gazapacho is difficult to resist drinking it directly out of the carton at any time of day. If the picture doesn't fit in the width of the page you can click it to see it full size.