Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bargello Sampler Panel Six

Panel six is now complete, so only seven more to go. The sampler is from a twelve-page leaflet from 1977 called "Bargello Basics" that my mother had stored away in a wardrobe (thanks Mum). I'm really pleased I chose to do this as my first project as I'm learning new patterns and techniques and at the same time producing a very impressive piece of work (to my eyes, at least). There's a kind of magic in following the instructions and see how the whole piece gradually materializes panel by panel. The illustration on the cover isn't very large and colours seem to have faded with time, so each panel is a revelation.

The five coloured bargello embroidery in the context of the other panels.
The stitching is 4-2 step: stitch over four threads, and step up or down two threads at a time. It has two kinds of motifs, with shared sides. It's done using DMC tapestry wool yarn, 7452 (light medium camel in the instructions) , 7027 (light blue), 7303 (dark rust), 7823 (dark blue) and 7746 (light camel).

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